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Discover the secret of Tasmania


asmania is a little paradise at the other side of the world. Most travellers are coming randomly and finally are falling in love of this island. This place contain one of the purest water you can find and the purest air of the world. Among islands, lakes and rivers, you will be surrounded by mountains all the time, and by a large variety of wild animals. The fauna and the flora in Tasmania is incredibly rich, and makes this place unique in this world. I stayed there almost 8 months, I tried to take lot of photos: Good news, I’ve been sorting them and now I’m sharing it with you!


The “capital” of Tasmania, and also the biggest city of this island, with 219 000 citizens. Hobart was primarily populated by an aboriginal tribe for thousands of years, before the Europeans colonized them. It is a beautiful city that concentrates most of its activity on the waterfront, with bars, clubs and restaurants, but also with weekly markets and festivals.

Mount Wellington

You can see this 1271 meters mountain directly from Hobart. Several trails allow you to go to the summit to contemplate a pretty incredible view of all the surroundings.

Bruny Island

Located 35 minutes from Hobart, Bruny Island is divided into 2 small islands, North Bruny and South Bruny, both connected by a sandy ishtmus. Many craft shops are located along the way and offer a wide culinary choice; wine, cheese and seafood. The rest of the island is accessible to hikers to enjoy impressive views.

Mount Field & Russell Falls

Australian national park of 158, 81 km², composed of massive rain forests and vast alpine plains at an altitude of 1434 meters.

Maria Island

Another beautiful Australian National Park, with an incredible flora and fauna. You can cross Wombats, Wallabys, Echidna, a big amount of different bird species, and also if you’re lucky the famous Tasmanian Devil. Actually, this is one of the only place you could have the chance to see healthy tasmanian devil. Unfortunatelly, most of the species through the state were contaminated by a huge spread of tumors…

For more information & booking : Maria Island

Cape Hauy

A tasmanian peninsula’s parc, located at the end of the island and offer you a impressive 360° view,

Freycinet : Wineglass Bay & Honeymoon Bay

Wineglass bay is considered as one of the 10 most beautiful beach in the world. Wineglass Bay owes its name to whaling: by the early 1800s, when the whaling stations operated here, the water in the bay would turn red with the slaughtered creatures’ blood. From the lookout points on the hills it looked like a glass being filled with red wine.

Cradle Mountain & the Overland Track

The Cradle Mountain is the fifth-highest mountain in Tasmania with 1,545 metres above sea level. It’s also one of the principal tourist sites in the state. You can climb to the summit by walking seriously during 6 hours, then you have the choice to do the Overland Track, one of the Australia’s most famous hiking tracks. This is 60 to 120 km, for an avergae of 4 – 12 days (depends if you’re interested about side tracks). You will see steep mountains, wild forests and mystical waterfalls, and you will finish in front of the important Lac Saint Clair. This is honestly the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen so far.

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